Wrecking Crew Facebook Page

The Wrecking Crew is a Harley Davidson Club founded in 1969
and dedicated to beer, bikes and good times.

On our travels we meet many like minded people
and we have made good friends all over Europe ...
and many of them are now us...
Wrecking Crew Belgium, Wrecking Crew Germany and a spirited French contingent.

As a club we have only one rule which is .....
.... there are NO RULES!

If you like to party then join us for a beer sometime...

  Ruthin Wrecked Again Rally!
A few t-shirts (Large, Medium and Small as of 21st July) still available 12 pounds inc. postage
Contact Paul.

  Wrecking Crew France - Christmas Party
Lake Sames (64520), France - 14-16th November 2014

You're also sure to find us at :
  The Shipley Harley Davidson Club Baildon rally
Baildon Rugby & Cricket Club - 22nd to 24th August 2014

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