Various factors have led us to decide to take a year/decade/century out..
- there will be no Bentham Bash 20##

Normal (for us) service will be resumed as and when, and possibly where
If you're out this way drop by the Hoggs n Heifers (Byres as was) chance is there'll be some of us around.

High Bentham is in the middle of some of the best biking roads in Britain - between The Lakes, The Dales and The Forest/Trough of Bowland
An ideal base for a weekend's riding.
Around 14 miles from M6 Exit 34
Up By The Big Stone overlooking High Bentham, the Three Peaks and the Lake District Hills - click for _huge_  panarama by coshipi at Deviantart
Follow The Arras
Google Maps - High Bentham Location
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Zoom in on the Bash site
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Wrecked Again


click for _huge_  panarama by coshipi at Deviantart

Brought To You From The Big Stone